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Grandeur Executive - Dunlopillo


Rdsuite software design structure according to Vietnamese standards, and some foreign countries as the standard BS8110, UBC ... the Ministry of Construction for use in Vietnam, on the basis of results from analysis of internal forces and analysis motivation from the software SAP2000, ETABS and STAADPRO, Vinasas. Software solved the full integrity analysis and design, production drawings for structural foundations; combination of internal resources, design testing components beam columns, floors walls, calculate the earthquake load and wind still, the wind ....Environmental graphics interface software convenience, the report export to excel in both Vietnamese and English.

Changes in new version


Data entry flexible.

- Enter the mechanical, physical fast and convenient on the grid similar to excel.

- Enter the number of piles.

- Enter the number of single nail, nail stakes, with nails, pulling nails ....

Design test nail application.

- Automatically determine the size of foundations to ensure the conditions of extreme pressure limit (Pu), the standard intensity (RTC), Ro (enter directly, as no geological data) breach.

- Determine the area of steel, subsidence of the foundation. Considering the influence of underground water.

- Automatically calculate the hardness of the problem in the analysis simultaneously.

- As foundations are major deviation method PTHH type of analysis simultaneously.

- Analysis of design testing interactions between human and machine.

Instructions for use


Additional functions:

- Organization of hierarchy in the model of multiple unit members.

- Data management details for each unit or units from General

- Merge all reporting units. (which compensate the internal debt)

Documents related


A. Automatically calculate in your cart and earthquakes standard VIETNAM AND STANDARDS APPLY IN VIETNAM GET Results ETABS

- Connect with Etabs to determine the structure diagram, the wind pressure, the acceleration

- Analysis of variation in form X, the Y, XY spiral. Interact with the user to adjust the parameters force structure.

Drawing as fluctuating X, Y visual

- Determine the static and dynamic components of the wind

- Calculation method static earthquake forces applied standard 375-2006, UBC-1994, UBC-1997.

- Calculation of the popular method of land application of TCVN 375-2006.

- Calculate standard SNHIP earthquake.

- Check the overall stability of the structure.

B. ORGANIZATION SHALL Internal Force - Jet

- Automatic combination of internal forces in TCVN 2737-1995.

+ Users can select a combination of the two internal forces: Group of automatic or enter directly.

+ Software automatically determines the combination of the wind or earthquake in reverse (users only need to declare the wind or by a local earthquake).

Automatic generate the oblique impact of wind or earthquake slant.

+ Drawing charts for components including internal resources.

- Automatic combination of jets in TCVN 2737-1995. + The combination similar to the combination of internal resources. + You can review the case for the reduced disease activity in 50%


The combination of jet design is taken directly from the ETABS, SAP, Vinasas ....

Software not only calculates the individual nails traditional methods but also consider the whole system disease, analysis by finite element, consider the interaction of the background, pile, pulling, stations and structures above. Special reports of the software can export a form of English.